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Methylene Chloride Recovery Still 180 litre

Methylene Chloride Recovery Still 180 litre capacity

Stand alone unit c/w distillation unit, one clean tank & one dirty tank

Manufactured to the Wessex design in our workshop, we can design a Still to any specification as required.

The Still runs a 3kw heating element. The dirty meths transfers into the distillation unit where it is heated until evaporation, the vapour then rises into the cooling coil, whre it is rapidly cooled and distills into the clean tank. This leaves a residue of bitumen in the heating chamber, which can be drained off as and when required.

Also required with this Still are Chemical pumps, water circulating pumps and pipework.

As seen in the picture a Still set-up in a container next to the laboratory. There is a third tank here which is isolated from the still meaning there will always be a supply of clean meths allowing time for maintenace as needed.

The system as set up allows the technician to transfer clean meths to the Laboratory, and between tanks as required.


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