Road construction is the main use of bituminous materials. The two essential ingredients of this bitumen mixture is aggregate and binder. We supply a full range of testing equipment to cover the analysis and binder recovery, solvent pollution monitoring and the design and testing of bituminous mixtures. For a quotation on any equipment please contact us.

Digital Waterproof Thermometer  

Pocket Thermometer

Max-min thermometer

Superfast Thermapen thermometer


Penetrometer, semi-automatic

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  • Binder recovery apparatus
  • Penetrometer, semi-automatic
  • Penetration needle
  • Sand patch Apparatus
  • Straight edge 3m MOT
  • Softening point apparatus
Pressure Filter
  • Pressure Filter
  • Filter Paper
  • Speedflow
  • Digital thermometer & probes
Vialit Pendulum Cohesion Tester
  • Vialit Pendulum Cohesion Tester
  • Specification for Highway works prEN13588
  • Determination of Cohesion of Bitumen and Bituminous Binders

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Dry Wheel TrackerWet Wheel TrackerSkid Resistance Tester

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